Avoid a non secure warning in your browser bar and gain visitors’ trust with an SSL-encrypted website.

Increase your customers' trust with SSL/TLS

What SSL does

An SSL is a digital certificate certificate encrypts all information transmitted to and from your website, ensuring it is protected from third parties or hackers attempting to access it.

Why you need SSL

Browsers, like Google Chrome, mark pages without SSL encryption as not secure. This can have a negative effect on the trustworthiness of your website. If you have an SSL certificate, your site’s URL will start with the prefix “https” and a padlock icon will be displayed in the browser bar, showing your visitors your site is secure and their data is safe. Pages that are protected with SSL receive better search engine rankings, and are more likely to be trusted by visitors.


TLS is an updated, more secure version of SSL. When you get an SSL certificate, you get the latest TLS technology. We still refer to them as SSL because it’s the more common term.

SSL/TLS Certificates


SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. It is a security protocol that conveys your communications over the Internet in an encrypted form. SSL encoding is commonly employed by eCommerce websites to protect sensitive information such as credit card numbers or personal data. SSL certificates ensure that information is delivered to the server for which it was intended, without falling into the hands of third parties who could tamper with the data. You’ll recognize sites that have a SSL certificate by the URL https, rather than the unsecured http.

The best thing about ordering an SSL certificate  is that it will make your website more popular with customers and search engines. The SSL certificate is recognized by Google’s algorithm as a seal-of-quality and assurance, meaning your website will appear higher up in the search engine’s results compared to unsecured websites. This means that you will enjoy increased traffic to your website from customer’s searching for your services on Google – all you need to do is show them that the security of their sensitive data is your priority. So if you are concerned about the reputation of your website or online business, and want to increase the visibility of your site on search engines, then SSL certificates are the right choice for you.

From SSL site seals to the address bar padlock symbol, website users know the trust markers to look for to make sure a website is safe to use. Failing that, web browsers will greet visitors with a “website not secure” message if a site doesn’t have an SSL certificate. Most major search engines even give websites with an SSL certificate a higher ranking than those without. All in all, SSLs are vital if you want to attract visitors to your website.

For every site we built include SSL/TSL. Some condition apply.