Web Design and Development Trends to Look Out for

Web development is one of the few industries that changes as quickly as it does. Customer preferences are volatile, to say the least, as languages change, design approaches shift, and consumer tastes shift. Keeping up with the current trends can be difficult.

Progressive web apps:
These apps aim to combine the best of mobile and web apps for a more fluid feel.

A design trend that combines the modern look of flat design with the 3D feel of skeuomorphism.

Thumb-friendly mobile design:
A mobile design trend that places interactive elements in easily-reachable areas.

Subtle color gradients can be more eye-catching and interesting than solid colors.

Single-page apps:
Web apps that are built on a single page to reduce loading times and provide a more fluid UX.

Motion UI:
Motion effects and animations on web pages provide more engaging UX. 

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